21 August 2002

Stevenson Meets NHS Chief On Chalmers Hospital

Banff & Buchan SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has met with NHS Grampian Chief Executive Neil Campbell to discuss the future of Banff’s Chalmers Hospital.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Stevenson commented:

“This was a very useful and constructive meeting and I found Mr Campbell very open and honest in his approach and his answers to my questions. The Chalmers development definitely will go ahead as it is one of a number of priorities identified by NHS Grampian. However, I was assured that these differing priorities are not competing against each other for resources.

“While we are not at present in a position to know what form the development will take, it is anticipated that the November board meeting of NHS Grampian will see the matter brought forward for board approval. Mr Campbell has given me an undertaking to intervene personally if it looks like the timetable is slipping to ensure that Chalmers Hospital is definitely on that month’s agenda. Once it is discussed and approved by the Board we will then be in a position to know what the likely timescale is for work to commence.

“I hope to meet with the Chalmers Hospital Action Committee in the coming days in order to brief members face-to-face and respond as far as possible to any questions they may have.”

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