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30 January 2003

Parliamentary Report Questions BAA plc Ownership of Aberdeen Airport

“Vital the handcuffs are taken off our local airport’s ability to compete” says MSP Stevenson

The Scottish Parliament’s Enterprise Committee has published a hard-hitting report on Scotland’s tourism industry this week. In particular it has highlighted the potential constraints placed on BAA plc’s Scottish Airports.

Speaking on the future of Aberdeen Airport, Banff and Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson said;

“The Parliament’s Enterprise Committee is spot on. BAA plc own Aberdeen Airport because they want as many people as possible to fly to their big international airports near London.

“If a passenger has to change planes at Heathrow that’s two landing fees and two passenger charges for BAA’s shareholders instead of the one that a direct international flight would earn them.

“Is it any wonder then that Aberdeen Airport languishes as a BAA backwater? I have written to the Department of Trade and Industry demanding that they conduct an investigation into this restrictive practice that is so damaging to our area.

“With the economy of the North-East under threat from Brussels bureaucrats determined to close much of our fishing industry, we cannot afford any other externally imposed constraints.

“We need Aberdeen Airport released from the deadly embrace of London-based BAA and able to develop its true potential as a vital part of our economic infrastructure.”

Stewart Stevenson
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