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15 April 2003

Stevenson Highlights Help Available To Parents Of Disabled Or Seriously Ill Children

SNP Scottish Parliament Candidate for Banff & Buchan Stewart Stevenson has announced details of the Family Fund, a scheme that offers advice and help to families with disabled or seriously ill children under the age of 16. The Family Fund provides parents with information on a wide range of topics and can also give monetary grants to assist families in looking after their children and improving their quality of life.

Mr Stevenson said:

“Family Fund is a registered charity that helps low income families with disabled or seriously ill children by offering them advice and providing them with some financial assistance. I understand that grants can be given to parents who perhaps want to take their family on holiday and enjoy some leisure activities together or even buy new laundry equipment for the home.

“I believe that the overall aim of this charity is to help improve the family situation of disabled and ill children. For example, if a mother of a disabled child cannot drive, it obviously makes life very difficult for that family. The Family Fund will therefore pay for the mother’s driving lessons, so that the child’s circumstances will be made easier.

“I think that the help that is on offer from the Family Fund is of a very practical nature and I would encourage anyone who feels that they could benefit from this charity’s services to contact them on 0845 130 45 42, or visit their website at Families who have a combined income of less than £21,500 may also apply for a monetary grant provided they meet the Family Fund’s stipulated requirements.”

Stewart Stevenson
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