8 September 2005


Following the first round of meetings between the Scottish Prison Service and interest groups, local MSP Stewart Stevenson has called on people in Peterhead to respond to the public consultation launched last week.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

"We can choose between the loss of hundreds of jobs from our area with the closure of the prison and the £12 million that is worth to Peterhead or we choose new jobs with a new build prison.

"The Scottish Prison Service consultation document should be read carefully. I will be happy to supply. copies to anyone requesting one. Or it can read at

"The vital thing is for people to contribute to this public consultation. I intend to publish my response later this month and will be happy to include views, including those differing from mine, in that document if people make me aware of their views."

Speaking of the contribution made by the prison Stewart Stevenson continued,

"The many local people who work at the prison are respected by us all for their contribution to the safety of our community. Their presence among us is a key reason why serious sex offenders stay away after release from jail.

"If we fail to support the jail's work we stab these dedicated friends in the back.

"The community showed its support 3 years ago and should do so again."

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