15 January 2007

Stevenson Welcomes Step Towards Street Drinking Ban In Fraserburgh

Local SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed steps taken by Aberdeenshire Council to introduce a ban on street drinking in Fraserburgh. Mr Stevenson has been a long-time campaigner for Aberdeenshire Council to introduce a by-law banning street drinking.

The MSP, who went on late-night patrol with Grampian Police in Fraserburgh on a Saturday night/Sunday morning shift, says that the introduction of a ban would lead to less vandalism as police would be able to confiscate bottles – many of which can end up being used as missiles against shop windows.

Mr Stevenson commented:

“I do not believe there is a huge problem locally with street drinking but there is a problem nevertheless and action needs to be taken to address it.

“In Fraserburgh, the problem here as I learned from going on foot patrol with the police is the menace of alcohol bottles being taken out of licensed premises and being used as missiles against shop windows.

“Speaking to the bobbies on the beat, they left me in no doubt that a ban on bringing alcohol into public places would go a long way to addressing the issue. I am therefore delighted that the council have taken the first steps towards the introduction of such a ban.

“This is excellent news for Fraserburgh town centre traders as it should serve to dramatically reduce the instances of vandalism which occur when bottles and glasses are used against shop windows.”

Stewart Stevenson
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