30 June 2007

Business leaders to aid government climate change fight

A group of business leaders assembled to advise the Scottish Executive on climate change held its first meeting yesterday.

It is led by Ian Marchant, Scottish and Southern Energy chief executive. He was chosen by the outgoing Labour-LibDem administration which set up the group and he chose the other 14 members of the panel.

The group's remit is to ensure business is properly informed about the "compelling" evidence of climate change. Among the areas they will look at is cutting energy consumption and reducing staff travel emissions.

Stewart Stevenson, minister for climate change, said: "The climate change business delivery group will make a major contribution to challenging and persuading others to continually improve Scotland's response to the threats of climate change."

Members include senior figures from BAA Scotland, BT, and First ScotRail. Green MSP Patrick Harvie said: "I hope that this new group will set about challenging those in the business world who think we can carry on consuming as much as we want, flying as much as we want, and polluting as much as we want."

The European Commission gave warning yesterday that recent floods in Britain are a grim warning of the need to "adapt or die".

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