29 October 2007

Stevenson Comments on Labour Vote Against £25M Package for Farmers

Commenting on the Labour party voting against a motion
supporting a £25 million package for Scottish crofters and
farmers affected by the Foot & Mouth outbreak, Banff & Buchan
MSP Stewart Stevenson said;

"Last week the Scottish Parliament gave its backing to the
Scottish Government's aid package for live stock producers, a
package that is twice the size of DEFRA's for farmers in England
when our industry is half the size.

"It was therefore astonishing that the Labour party voted
against this package. Even the LibDems, after some curious
voting behaviour where they backed Labour, had to accept the
scale of the Scottish Government's support for farmers and crofters.

"I have no doubt that farmers and crofters in Banff & Buchan
will be shocked at the Labour party’s politically motivated behaviour.

"This further betrayal will not be forgiven lightly after the
failure of the London Labour Government to come up with
compensation for Scotland's crofters and farmers."

Stewart Stevenson
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