1 November 2007

Stevenson Highlights New Free Grafiti Removal Scheme

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has highlighted the Graffiti removal service available in Aberdeenshire, which is free of charge.

Commenting on the service, Mr Stevenson said:

“We all know how graffiti can blight communities, therefore I would like to bring it to everyone’s attention that there is a free graffiti removal service available for members of the public and businesses who find themselves victims of this crime.

“I certainly welcome this service as it can be very expensive to remove graffiti and even more so if the offenders offend time after time in the same place.

”If you have suffered from graffiti, you should call Aberdeenshire Council’s Wasteline on (0845) 600 3 900 or text (07624) 802722 with details of the location of the graffiti.”

Stewart Stevenson
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