4 December 2007

SNP Government Six Times More Popular in the North East than London Labour Government

A new YouGov poll commissioned by the Scottish National Party shows that the people of Scotland prefer the SNP Scottish Government to the UK Labour government by a huge margin of 5 to 1, and that amongst people in the North East this margin increases to 6 to 1.

Commenting on the poll, Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson said;

"These sensational poll figures shows that not only do the people of Scotland prefer the SNP government in Scotland over the Labour government in London by an overwhelming margin of 5 to 1 but that in the North East the margin is even greater at 6 to 1.

"These figures are of huge significance. It is clear that the minority SNP government is thriving and delivering for the people of Scotland and Banff & Buchan, while the London Labour government is sinking fast in a sea of financial sleaze and internecine warfare."



The poll question and results were as follows:

Thinking about the performance of the Scottish Government and the UK Government which one do you think is doing a better job?

Scottish Government: 54%
UK Government: 11%
Neither: 27%
DK: 8%

The breakdown for Labour voters was:

Scottish Government: 34%
UK Government: 30%

The breakdown for the North East in comparison to Scotland as a whole is shown in the table below:
Scotland North East
Scottish Government 54 56
UK Government 11 9
Neither 27 23
Don't know 8 12

YouGov Survey Results for the Scottish National Party
Sample Size: 1111; Fieldwork: 28th - 30th November 2007

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