3 June 2008


Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the announcement that the number of designated bathing waters in Scotland has risen by a third to a total of 80, its highest level ever. Of the 80 locations in Scotland 6 can be found around the delightful coast of Banff & Buchan.

The Government designated sites are ones created in areas where traditionally a large numbers of bathers congregate. By giving certain areas designated bathing status resources are properly channelled towards protecting waters where most people are likely to bathe, this in turn ensures that with summer fast approaching we can feel all feel more confident about dipping our toes in the water in the coming months ahead.

The areas from Banff & Buchan that are on the designated bathing list included: Cruden Bay, Fraserburgh (Philorth), Fraserburgh (Tiger Hill), Rosehearty, Peterehead lido and Inverboyndie.

Commenting on the announcement Mr Stevenson said:

“Having designated bathing status is a fantastic means of creating greater levels of public awareness about where the safest bathing spots are. With Banff and Buchan having 6 sites we compare more than favourably with other areas of Scotland.

“Having this recognised status for our bathing hot spots also allows these beaches the chance to win quality awards, including the Seaside Award which Cruden Bay and Inverboyndie currently hold.

“The Seaside Awards are given on the basis of good bathing standards, litter management, information provision and community involvement and is certainly not easily achieved.

“These awards are a major tribute to the efforts of local people who have shown remarkable community spirit in contributing to the upkeep of our beaches and indeed to all of those who use the beaches, for acting so responsibly and respectfully during their visits.

“These awards in themselves lead to greater levels of pride in our coastal areas and more opportunities for the local authorities and public at large to work together to improve the bathing standards all along the coast.

“I have been known to have a wee dip in our lovely coastal waters as a welcome relief from my ministerial duties and hopefully we will have a sun kissed summer so that this will be very much on my mind this year.”

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