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4 December 2009

Climate Change Minister to take world-leading legislation to summit


Climate Change minister Stewart Stevenson is taking the Low Carbon Mission, a world-class event on Scotland's world-leading climate change framework, to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen next week.

As the world turns its gaze on the deal-making talks this week, Mr Stevenson said it was only right that Scotland, with its world-leading Climate Change Act, should be represented at the summit to set an example to the rest of the world.

Mr Stevenson said: “It is only right and proper that Scotland should be setting out our ambitions on the world stage given that our legislation is the most comprehensive anywhere in the world.

“The eyes of the world are now on Copenhagen in the hope of an agreement for real action on climate change being achieved. The Scottish Government has already taken the lead with our ambitious legislation to cut emissions by 42 per cent by 2020 and we are continuing to demonstrate that leadership to world leaders by being at this crucial UN summit, where our strong example can inspire other nations to equally ambitious action.”

“The Scottish Government recognises the urgency of addressing climate change and is an active partner in the common desire to identify solutions, work towards adaptation and create a sustainable future.”

Although the UK Government has refused to include a Scottish Minister in its official delegation, the Scottish Government will be travelling to the Danish capital to stage its Low Carbon Mission event, with Ian Marchant, Chief Executive of Scottish and Southern Energy, and Mary Robinson, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, among the key speakers.

The Minister said: “Legislation alone won't bring about the move to a low carbon economy and therefore this Government is taking action which will lead to real changes in everyday actions: by businesses; the public sector; voluntary and community groups; and individuals.

“Across the developed world, we need a cohesive approach to tackling climate change and I, like many others from around the world, want to see real progress being made in these two weeks.”


The Low Carbon Mission will be taking place on 14 December in the Mogens Dahl Koncertsal in Copenhagen.

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