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18 May 2010

Local MSP Hails Broch CCTV Success In Apprehending Bag-Snatcher


Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has hailed tonight's news that a bag-snatcher in Fraserburgh has been identified and arrested within hours of committing a crime thanks to the town's newly-installed CCTV system.

Grampian Police have confirmed this evening that following an incident in Cross Street at 12.25pm this afternoon, a 33 year-old local man has been arrested and charged and will appear at Peterhead Sheriff Court.

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson – who joined Fraserburgh police on patrol in February along with Eilidh Whiteford – expressed his delight at the effectiveness of the cameras and in the swift action of the police. He said:

"I am absolutely delighted that in a matter of just a few hours of this incident happening, which must have been a terrible ordeal for the poor woman concerned, that the combination of Fraserburgh's CCTV cameras and excellent work by the local bobbies have resulted in an individual being identified, traced, arrested and charged with this crime in the space of just a few hours.

"This sends a clear message to anyone with criminal intent that you will be captured on film and you will be found. It is a very powerful deterrent and I pay tribute to the hard work over a long period by local SNP councillor Brian Topping and the local CCTV steering group who have helped make Fraserburgh's streets safer."

Fraserburgh's SNP councillor Brian Topping – who has worked tirelessly along with other community campaigners to bring CCTV to the Broch – said:

"It's a very distressing incident to have happened but I'm so pleased that thanks to the efforts of our local police in Fraserburgh, they have been able to apprehend the individual responsible and have done so thanks to the help of the town's CCTV cameras.

"I know the CCTV system is extremely useful, which is why I've been campaigning for it for so long, in spite of opposition from some quarters, but for the police to achieve a result in just a few hours is absolutely fantastic and makes it all worthwhile. They deserve our congratulations."

Stewart Stevenson
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