21 June 2010

Clearer, Fresher Thinking

Minister for Transport, the Environment and Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson MSP has officially opened the Turret Water Treatment Works (WTW) upgrade.

The £30 million investment will see the delivery of clearer, fresher drinking water to thousands of Scottish Water customers in communities from Perthshire to Stirlingshire, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire.

Mr Stevenson said:

"I was delighted to visit Turret Water Treatment Works and open this newly upgraded £30 million facility, which was delivered as part as part of the Scottish Government's 2006-10 investment programme in Scottish Water.

"This is just one of many projects being delivered that will help bring cleaner and fresher drinking water to more than four million people across Scotland.

"I'm pleased to see Scottish Water doing its bit in the fight against climate change with the introduction of a new hydro turbine at Turret which will produce enough green energy to power 450 homes."

Turret is the highest water treatment works in the UK and the site is often battered by winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. While it has often presented a bleak environment, during the summer months it has certainly offered one of the most beautiful locations to work in Scotland.

Scottish Water and construction partner GMJV have incorporated not only the latest thinking in water treatment with the pioneering Actiflo system, but have also used ‘green’ thinking during the 2 year programme of work.

A series of environmental benefits were incorporated into the construction and long term operation of this £30 million investment:
  • A new hydro turbine that will generate ‘green’ electricity. The 25 year old turbine will be replaced by a modern, more efficient turbine, capable of generating 500 kW. A second turbine station, located on the hillside is capable of generating a further 1400kW. Combined can not only power the works, but deliver enough electricity back into the national grid to power 450 homes.
  • The project began with 9,000m3 of rock being excavated. In order to reduce lorry journeys and the site’s environmental impact, this was crushed on site and reused in the construction programme.
  • The location of the WTW, 1,000 feet above sea level allows Scottish Water to supply customers in Perthshire, Stirlingshire, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire with clearer, fresher drinking water using the force of gravity, replacing the need for energy-sapping pumps.
Scottish Water Solutions Project Manager David Crawford admits there was always a ‘green’ tinge to the Turret WTW Upgrade programme:

“From the outset our thinking has always been ‘green’. It was important to the delivery team that the Turret project wasn’t only an exercise in civil engineering, but environmental management. We have been blessed by the location of the works, the highest in Scotland; it is perfectly placed to supply the communities its serves using the natural force of gravity, rather than energy-sapping pumps.

“The additional benefit of incorporating the twin hydro turbine package has also allowed us to make the works leaner and greener. The remote location of the site has even helped, it was almost essential that we retained as much of the excavated rock and soil on site in order to construct the foundations and landscaping of the works, better blending it into its natural surroundings.”

Construction of the water treatment works has incorporated much of the latest thinking within the industry, including the use of the Actiflo treatment process, a first major installation for Scotland.

Investment at the site has included:
  • The new Actiflo treatment process injects sand into the raw water supply, helping to better promote the settlement of minerals and materials. This will help to make the raw water even cleaner before it reaches the final settlement stages.
  • This new process will allow the works to run to maximum capacity, even during times of extreme weather, at around 85 million litres per day.  
  • In order to maintain the treatment process all six rapid gravity filters have also been refurbished. This allows raw water to be treated quickly and efficiently.
  • A new 2.5 million litres processing tank has been constructed to improve the treatment process at the site.
Water Operations Manager for the region, Jim Hassan is delighted to add the facility to his portfolio of impressive water treatment works:

“In 2008 Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the new Milngavie WTW serving Greater Glasgow, and now in 2010 we have Minister Stewart Stevenson opening the upgraded Turret works. Turret is every bit as significant to our customers across Perthshire and the Forth Valley as Milngavie is to Glasgow.

“This is an impressive new works, incorporating some of the latest thinking in water treatment. This latest technology will allow us to treat more raw water, increasing not only the capacity within the overall network, but improving efficiency.”

Increasing capacity at the water treatment works has allowed Scottish Water to remove the Touch Water Treatment Works (WTW) from operation. This not only means that our customers in the Forth Valley receive the highest quality drinking water available, using the latest treatment processes, but will help us to increase efficiency and reduce the running cost involved in providing clear, fresh drinking water to communities across the region.

The programme of work will deliver far reaching benefits, improving drinking water quality to a far wider community:
  • The Touch Water Treatment Works, which currently serves Stirling, was removed from the network and closed in 2009. This has since been transformed into a pumping station. The area previously served by the works will now be supplied by the improved Turret WTW.
Jane McKenzie, Regional Communities Manager for the Forth Valley believes customers will already be appreciating the clearer, fresher drinking water on tap:

“Scottish Water is investing millions across the Forth Valley, not only to improve the natural environment of this historic land, but to deliver clearer, fresher drinking water to communities throughout Stirlingshire, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire. Already our customers are welcoming the tangible benefits delivered by significant investment at assets such as the upgraded Turret WTW.”

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