12 August 2010

Minister gets eco-welcome

Climate Change Minister Stewart Stevenson MSP received a warm welcome from Dunbar environmentalists when he visited the town.

Mr Stevenson, who was finding out more about the work of local charity and development trust Sustaining Dunbar, spent more than an hour with staff and board members.

Staff were able to brief the minister about three projects supported by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

These were the Connecting Dunbar sustainable travel project; the energy audit service in conjunction with the BeGreen home energy advice shop; and the 2025 Energy Descent Action Planning project.

Said Mr Stevenson:

“Sustaining Dunbar is a marvellous example of creative local action to move to a low-carbon community.

“I’ve seen how Sustaining Dunbar is building many productive local relationships in pursuit of reducing emissions in areas such as food, transport and energy.

“It clearly has the drive to succeed in its vision for a low-carbon Dunbar and I wish everyone success for the future.”

The minister’s visit preceded the opening on Monday of a two-week exhibition about the ‘2025 vision’ and action plan for a low-carbon, locally resilient future in Dunbar Library.

The action plan builds on local survey findings in which more than 1,500 residents in the Dunbar area were interviewed.

The public is encouraged to visit the exhibition and add their further comments and ideas.

They can also take advantage of the new book collection which Sustaining Dunbar has donated to the library.

This includes titles on climate change and ‘peak oil’, as well as ones on some of the practical skills which are likely to be needed in the future.

Project coordinator Philip Revell said:

“Our hope is that people will be excited by the opportunities which a low-carbon, more localised future holds for meaningful work, to develop new skills, to strengthen community networks and working to enhance the local environment.”
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