5 October 2010

Stevenson Hails Step Forward For Carbon Capture In Scotland As Good News For Peterhead

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has hailed the work of a group examining how Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) schemes in Scotland should be managed and coordinated. As a result of the efforts of Scotland’s Regulatory Review Group, Scotland is now better placed to process planning applications for CCS facilities and give power companies a clear idea of the regulations they must adhere to.

The work will now be taken forward by a new Project Monitoring Board to help monitor progress of CCS demonstration project applications, promote effective engagement with communities and meet the demanding timescales required under the UK and EU CCS funding competitions.

Peterhead power station recently revived plans to explore the possibility of developing a carbon capture test plant at the site after previous plans were shelved due to a lack of UK Government support in 2007.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“This work is a welcome step forward for the future of Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland and as such is important for Peterhead power station.

“If power companies want to build Carbon Capture facilities then it is vital that there is a robust and responsive regulatory system in place that will enable them to do so. By examining how planning applications for such projects can best be managed, the work of this group is helping to prepare Scotland to realise the vast potential of CCS schemes.

“As well as bringing Scotland closer to meeting our world leading climate change targets, a successful Carbon Capture project at Peterhead will bring with it important economic benefits for the area.

“Scotland could have been leading the world in CCS technology if the pervious Westminster Government had not dithered over its support for the technology. However, with work such as this I believe that we are back on the right track and that Carbon Capture can play an important role for Peterhead and Scotland as a whole.”

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