14 January 2011

Stevenson Hails Latest Winter Preparations As Fresh Salt Supplies Reach North East

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the news that an additional 4,000 tonnes of salt have been delivered to Balmedie to keep North East roads open in wintery conditions with an additional 8,000 tonnes due for delivery over the next two weeks. Scotland has already experienced one of the harshest winters in living memory and more severe weather remains a possibility.

Across Scotland there are now 506,300 tonnes of salt either in stock or on order, significantly more than was used over three months between October and the end of December when the weather was at its worst.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“I am glad that more supplies of salt are continuing to arrive to ensure that roads in the North East can be kept open should we see more of the extreme weather we have already experienced.

“It is essential that preparations are in place to keep the North East moving in the event of further heavy snow and this latest delivery shows that complacency is clearly not being allowed to creep in.

“However, motorists also have their part to play when severe snow hits and I would encourage people to consider the conditions they will face when deciding if their journey is necessary and to ensure they have some basic supplies in their vehicle in case they should run into any difficulty.

“I sincerely hope we are past the worst of the wintery weather, but I am glad that preparations are being put in place to cope if we are not.”
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