21 December 2011

Stevenson Says Minimum Pricing Will Halt Pocket Money Booze

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has claimed that the Scottish Government’s minimum price-per-unit alcohol pricing policy will end pocket money priced booze and make serious inroads into Scotland’s battle with the bottle. Recent reports show that despite cuts in smoking and illegal drug use by teenagers, the use of alcohol is still far too high among Scotland’s school children.

Commenting on the policy Mr Stevenson said:

“With figures showing that more than one third of 15 year-olds and one in seven 13 years olds admitting that they had taken a drink in the previous week, it is clear that we must introduce minimum pricing of alcohol.

“While alcohol remains available at pocket money prices it is no surprise that teenagers are able to afford it. With the introduction of Challenge 25 we are taking steps to cut access to alcohol for young people but sadly, many children will still find someone to purchase alcohol for them.

“The introduction of a minimum price is in Scotland’s interest – we cannot sit idly by while too many of our secondary school children are poisoning themselves with alcohol.”

Stewart Stevenson
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