12 April 2012

Local MSP Criticises Aberdeen Bypass Objectors

Commenting on the news that agents acting for William Walton have served notice of appeal against the AWPR court verdict yesterday, Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“While it is right and proper that people should have the opportunity to object to developments, this has now gone on long enough.

“The objectors have not only had their day in court but also a second bite of the cherry at the Court of Session, where their case was comprehensively dismissed.

“The people of the North-east want this road to go ahead as quickly as possible, as does the Scottish Government. It is clear that the only thing delaying progress now is the actions of a selfish minority who refuse to accept not only the will of the courts but the will of the people."

Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP said:

"It is hugely disappointing to find that a small number of objectors opposed to the AWPR have again disregarded the wishes of the vast majority of people in the north east of Scotland and caused further delay to this vital project.

“The Scottish Government has an iron will to proceed with the AWPR as soon as the legal process is concluded. There has now been a parliamentary process, a public local inquiry and two clear and comprehensive court verdicts giving the green light to the road.

"This further delay will simply cost the people of Scotland money and subject the people of the Aberdeen area to congestion.

“I strongly believe that the vast majority of people in the North East are running out of patience and, like us, want this vital road built as quickly as possible."

He added:

"In August last year Lord Tyre refused the challenges against the AWPR and in February the Court of Session refused the subsequent appeal.

"We are extremely disheartened to find that the small number of objectors still refuse to accept the decision and allow us to get on with delivering a project that is crucial for safeguarding and creating jobs, the economy and transport infrastructure of Aberdeen and the whole of the North East without further delay.

“We will now consider next steps over the decision to take Mr Walton's case to the Supreme Court. We acted previously to ensure his arguments could be heard and the case expedited. Those arguments were rejected by the Court of Session and we will have to consider carefully his new approach. Our aim is to get on with building the AWPR as soon as possible.

"Our democracy respects the right of any individual to oppose the decision of the Scottish Ministers to build the AWPR, as approved by the Scottish Parliament, the decision of the Public Local Inquiry, the decision of the Outer House of the Court of Session and even the Inner House of the Court of Session.

"We would have hoped that the same respect is shown for the democratic wishes of the vast majority of the people in the North East of Scotland who want to see this road built as possible."

Stewart Stevenson
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