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29 December 2012

Stevenson Gives Backing to 'see me' National Mental Ill-Health Campaign

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has given his backing to ‘see me’, Scotland’s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“1 in 4 people in Scotland will experience a mental health problem in any year. ‘see me’ is an innovative and exciting programme of national and local initiatives as well as a range of award-winning advertising campaigns aimed at the Scottish public to change our behaviour towards people with mental health problems.

“Scotland needs a national anti-stigma campaign. People with experience of mental ill-health still face harassment, bullying, social isolation and exclusion. People with mental ill-health tell 'see me' that they struggle to get work or stay in work because of the attitudes and discrimination of others.  This has to stop.

“Key to the campaign is the commitment from volunteers with experience of stigma, discrimination and recovery, who are willing to speak out and support others.  ‘see me’ works in partnership with local and national partners and a group of local ‘see me’ champions across Scotland to ensure the campaign is far reaching.

“Things are getting better but there is still much to do.”

Stewart Stevenson
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