15 May 2013

Stevenson Writes to TESCO Over Stalled Banff Development

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has written to Tesco’s Chief Executive regarding the lack of progress with the long-planned development in Banff.

The move by Mr Stevenson comes following reports that Tesco have applied for planning permission to extend the date by which development works must commence.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

"It seems as if this long-running saga is never-ending.

"The lack of progress has effectively "frozen" a part of Banff which was in dire need of renovation and redevelopment ten years ago.

"It's now over eight years since I organised a referendum in Banff and Macduff which gave a clear signal to Tesco that this is something which had majority support within the local community. Tesco are in serious danger of squandering the goodwill they had at that time if some action is not taken soon and I have written to their Chief Executive urging the company to apply some urgency to resolving this."

Stewart Stevenson
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