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21 November 2013

Stevenson Welcomes Announcement that Independence Would Boost Job Opportunities

SNP Banffshire & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed announcement from the First Minister that Independence would create a jobs boost.

In the 200-page report, “Economic policy choices in an independent Scotland”, Mr Salmond set out the economic policy choices available for an independent Scotland. The country would be free to pursue policies better tailored to Scotland’s needs. These policies would maximise the country’s potential and deliver a fairer society by creating more jobs. Some of the policies include diversifying Scotland’s industrial base—so as to boost employment by 21,000—promoting participation in the labour market, and reducing the corporation tax to draw investments that would otherwise go to London and the Southeast. Along with reforming the structures that facilitate trade in a way that would boost the brand recognition of Scotland’s economy, these key policies would create over 100,000 jobs in the long-term. Commenting, Mr Stevenson said

“It is no surprise to see that Independence would allow the Scottish Government the freedom to do away with that one-size-fits-all Westminster mentality and pursue policies better suited for Scotland.

“We aim to create a fair and equal society unlike that created by the current Westminster system, which has produced one of the largest gaps between the rich and poor the developed world has ever seen.

“It’s rather simple. With its vast resources and huge human talent, an unhindered Scotland means a successful Scotland. A Yes-vote in 2014 would not only herald a jobs boom, but also a new era for the Scottish people.”

Stewart Stevenson
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