28 May 2014

Stevenson Comments on Euro Win in Aberdeenshire and Moray

The final results of the European election have been described by Stewart Stevenson MSP as excellent both locally and nationally and a vote of confidence in the SNP Scottish Government. With the full results for Scotland declared, the SNP has won the election – increasing its votes by 68,496 compared with 2009 and securing 28.9 per cent of the popular vote.

Ian Hudghton MEP, Deputy FM Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Alyn Smith MEP
This is a bigger share of the vote than UKip achieved in the UK as a whole or in England, and a bigger share of the vote than Labour secured in Wales, where these parties topped the polls.

The SNP came first in 16 of Scotland's 32 local authority areas including polling 31.3% in the Aberdeenshire Council area and 33.8% in the Moray Council area.

Stewart Stevenson said of the result:

“This victory for the SNP represents a vote of confidence in the Scottish Government and our priorities over these past seven years. What is clear from these results is that the people of Scotland have put their trust in the SNP in a way no other party has achieved in this election.

"The SNP came first in 16 of Scotland's local authority areas, compared to 10 for Labour, 4 for the Tories, 2 for Lib Dems, and none for UKip - who didn't even come second anywhere in Scotland and finished 4th overall.”

The MSP concluded:

“There can now be no doubt that the only threat to Scotland’s place in Europe, and our ability to bring jobs and investment to Scotland, is the narrow UKip agenda that is now more than ever going to dictate the priorities for the Westminster parties.”

Stewart Stevenson
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