26 June 2014

Showmen's Guild Annniversary Marked in Parliament

To mark the 125th anniversary of the Scottish Showmen’s Guild, a debate was held in Parliament in which Local MSP Stewart Stevenson praised the showmen as the greatest purveyors of live entertainment during the debate.

He said:

“The Scottish Showmen’s Guild is an essential and integral part of our culture. The showmen travel around Scotland, showing us things that we might not otherwise experience. They are grounded in Scotland’s past, but they adapt to meet the needs of Scotland’s future.”

He added that people in the modern world were constantly entertained on phones, tablet devices, TV and cinema, but a high value was still put on live entertainment.

Mr Stevenson continued:

“Places where this is particularly so locally include Turriff Show and Peter Fair at Buckie where the travelling showmen make a yearly appearance. These events brings tens of thousands of people together over their duration and are an important part of our economy.”

Stewart Stevenson
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