4 November 2014

Stevenson Supports School Bus Safety Across Scotland

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, led a debate today (Wednesday) on the importance of school bus safety across the country and welcomed plans for a Glasgow pilot on improved school bus signage.

Mr Stevenson paid tribute to the efforts made by Gardenstown resident Ron Beaty who has petitioned the Scottish Government since 2005 regarding this issue, calling him a “ferocious champion of improving safety in our school transport system.”

He added:

“Mr Beaty has done a sterling job in bringing attention to the need for further safety measures to be taken on school buses across the country. Following the tragic accident which left his granddaughter permanently disabled, Mr Beaty has made it his mission to ensure that this kind of incident, and worse, are consigned to history.

“This is not just an issue for the Beaty family and the pain they have suffered. It is not just an issue for the north east of Scotland where we have seen too many accidents involving school students mounting or leaving school buses. It is an issue for all of Scotland, rural and urban.”

“I am further encouraged by the plans for a Glasgow pilot that will see high visibility signs with improved features displayed on school buses. I hope that the pilot provides results that are acted on, and that all that can be done is implemented so that school children across Scotland are made safer.”

Transport Minister Keith Brown announced today that Glasgow City Council will take forward a pilot on improved school bus signage over the next few months. The Scottish Government will provide evaluation support to the council, to build an evidence base assessing the benefits of enhanced school bus signage. The findings will be used to explore how best support implementation by local authorities more widely across Scotland.

The Glasgow pilot will build on the work done by the Aberdeenshire pilot in 2010.

Campaigner Ron Beaty said:

“I have been very unimpressed with Transport Scotland – they have had 10 years to put something in place regarding this, and all they have done is put in recommendations.

“I am hoping this debate will ensure that all pupils across Scotland have the same level of safety. Local council authorities and bus operators need to be held responsible for this.”

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