7 August 2015

Fighting Fit Stevenson Takes on Banff Rugby Club's Best!

Local SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson was challenged to prove his fitness whilst visiting the trade stands and stalls at Turriff Show earlier this week.

The MSP was visiting the Banff Rugby Club stall and was challenged to “win his weight in beer” as part of the club’s fundraising activities. Never one to shirk a challenge, Stewart took off his jacket and got to work on a rowing machine, the object being to see who could ‘row the furthest’.

Stewart commented:

"The prospect of winning my weight in beer was interesting, but the chances of beating large, fit rugby players remote.

“I was absolutely delighted that as one of the lighter contestants, I was able to get on the leader board and given that the payout would be smaller, I received enthusiastic encouragement from club members manning their stall at Turra Show.

“If the person who ultimately won needs assistance with their prize, I stand ready to assist. Well done to the rugby club on coming up with an innovative and entertaining way to raise money."

Stewart Stevenson
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