18 September 2015

Stevenson Urges More Action in Refugee Crisis

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, has praised the response of people across Scotland to the plight of the refugee crisis across Europe and urged for more to be done.

In a Scottish Parliament debate this week Mr Stevenson said:

“This is a moral issue. No man, woman or child stands alone in the world.

“In the palm of our hands is the future of desperate people around the world. Their very lives depend on us. Physical threats drive people from countries, as do violence, lack of shelter, lack of food and lack of water. None of those is new, but the scale of the problem today is, alas, very different from what happened previously.”

Mr Stevenson praised the effective response of individuals throughout history up to the present day, adding:

“When we look at the Scottish response to the situation, we look at the response of the individuals in our community which has been excellent. The same is true throughout the United Kingdom and in countries across Europe. People from our countries have historically been welcomed to other countries. It is now our turn to welcome those in their extremity to our shores and to our support.”

He welcomed the launch of the website which gives advice on fundraising and how practical help can be given.
He said:

“We do not demand action because it is easy - we demand action because life is incomparably more difficult for refugees if they are denied help. More than ever, it is for us to provide that help in the refugees’ extreme need.”

Stewart Stevenson
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