1 December 2015

David Cameron's 'Rank Hypocrisy' on Clean Energy Exposed


The UK Government’s ‘rank hypocrisy’ on clean energy has been exposed again today – after David Cameron’s speech on climate change in Paris yesterday contrasted with his decision to cut £1 billion in funding from a vital carbon capture project in Peterhead.

During the Paris climate talks, David Cameron said that instead of making excuses to future generations, “we should be taking action today”. This is despite his government cutting a £1 billion grant which could have created 600 jobs in Peterhead while helping Scotland become a global leader in clean energy technology – which was promised in the 2015 Tory manifesto.

Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“For David Cameron to try and lecture others on the environment just days after his government’s decision to cut the CCS funding in Peterhead is nothing less than rank hypocrisy – something which we’re getting all too used to from this Tory government.

“The Prime Minister may enjoy posing with world leaders and posturing as environmentally friendly on the international stage – but people in Scotland can see through his empty, vacuous words and will instead judge him on his actions.

“David Cameron says that we should be taking action on climate change today – and he’s right. Unfortunately, the only real action he’s taken in recent times has been to cut a vital clean energy project in the North East of Scotland.

“The Tory decision to cut the vital £1bn carbon capture and storage project won’t just cost 600 jobs in the North East of Scotland – but is a huge missed opportunity to help Scotland become a global leader on green energy technology and is just the latest example of the failure of the UK Government to support Scotland’s energy industry.”

Stewart Stevenson
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