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29 January 2016

Fresh Blow to Cameron Over CCS Scrappage Costs

Bill Doubles On UK Climate Targets After Tory Energy Betrayal

The UK government’s mismanagement of the Scottish and UK-wide energy sector has been exposed this week in a letter to Tory energy secretary Amber Rudd from the independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the statutory body providing evidence-based advice to government.

In their damning letter, the CCC has issued a stern warning to the UK government that the cost of meeting their global obligations on carbon reduction – as agreed in Paris in December 2015 – will double without carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

The Tory government betrayed a manifesto pledge in November last year in pulling the plug on £1 billion of funding for a pioneering CCS scheme at Peterhead, which would have created 600 jobs in the local economy and helped Scotland become a global leader in clean energy technology.

David Cameron faces fresh criticism for his role in swindling the economy of the North East of Scotland out of vital investment in clean energy. Barely two months after his Tory government scrapped the £1 billion CCS project for Peterhead he arrived in Aberdeen yesterday to announce a meagre £20 million support for the energy industry – including a paltry £1.5 million “Energy Game Changer” fund.

Commenting, Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“The Committee on Climate Change is the latest in a series of industry experts and business leaders to condemn the decision of the Tory government to scrap the £1 billion CCS investment in Peterhead.

“Not only is it a total betrayal of the North East of Scotland, at the cost of 600 jobs for the local community, but it’s going to prove a costly move by David Cameron and his cronies – doubling the price tag of meeting our global obligations on carbon reduction.

“This week, the Prime Minister had the audacity to show up in Aberdeen to announce £1.5 million for what he calls an ‘energy game changer’ fund just two months after his government pulled the plug on a bonus billion for the energy sector in the North East.

“The Committee is right to call for a ‘rapid’ rethink on CCS – the decision to scrap the promised investment in Peterhead has been exposed as rash and reckless accounting from the Tory government, which will cost all of us.”

Stewart Stevenson
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