11 February 2016

Stewart Stevenson Highlights the Importance of Education for Scotland's Future Prosperity

Stewart Stevenson, MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast has this week highlighted the importance of education.

Speaking in a debate entitled: Scotland’s Future Prosperity, Mr Stevenson highlighted to importance of education in Scotland’s future, he said:

“The title of the debate is “Scotland’s Future Prosperity”, and education plays a key part in contributing to that prosperity”

Mr Stevenson went on to say:

“We also get economic benefit from education because it equips our citizens for future challenges and opportunities. Of course, future challenges are very interesting because we do not know what they will be. Above all, education is not simply about putting a set of skills into the cerebral cavities of our students; it is about equipping them to make future decisions, the nature of which this generation of politicians and teachers can know nothing.”

Mr Stevenson concluded his speech by discussing proposed labour tax hikes:

“The last time Labour upped the tax for basic rate taxpayers, Gordon Brown acknowledged that it didnae work. The evidence is that Labour hasnae thought it through any more carefully this time”

Stewart Stevenson
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