13 April 2016

Stevenson Says Report is Further Step Towards Road Improvements and Rail Service for Buchan

SNP candidate for Banffshire & Buchan Coast Stewart Stevenson has said the initial report of the Strategic Transport Study of the Fraserburgh/Peterhead to Aberdeen Corridor is a further step towards road improvements and a rail service for Buchan.

The report will be considered at a meeting of NESTRANS, the North-east Regional Transport Partnership, who have responsibility for bringing forward strategic regional transport projects.

The study is a result of proposals by Aberdeenshire SNP councillors which received cross-party backing.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“This report is a further step towards improving the infrastructure of the North-east. With the dualling of the A90 at Balmedie-Tipperty and the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route moving on at a pace, now is the time to produce a plan for road, rail and public transport serving the corridor from Buchan into Aberdeen.

“This report is particularly useful because it looks at a range of options. I don’t want us to be focussing purely on rail or purely on road because the reality is that a mix of solutions will provide us with the best outcome.

“For example, there is strong backing in the report from the public for a rail link, while business understandably wishes to see road improvements as they are concerned with transporting freight by road. This needs not to become a “road versus rail” debate because there is no reason why Buchan should not benefit from both, just like in other areas of the country.

“Investment in our transport infrastructure – road and rail – is vital if we are to achieve the twin goals of improved connectivity to the rest of the country and also making our area more attractive for the people we need to attract to fill key vacancies in teaching and medicine.

“There is an excellent case for improved transport infrastructure in Buchan, which has my full backing.”

Stewart Stevenson
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