25 November 2016

Stevenson Condemns Tories as They Balloon UK Debt

SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, Stewart Stevenson, has condemned the Tories for their economic incompetence.

Mr Stevenson spoke during First Minister’s Questions where he asked whether the significant additional debt burden caused by the Tories pursuit of a hard Brexit would impede the Scottish Government’s ability to deliver social justice. He also highlighted that the £350 million per week promised by the Brexiteers to the NHS is now being replaced with a £225 million per week increase in debt.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“The Tories claim to be experts on the economy – that’s just more hot air. We were told the NHS would have an additional £350 million per week from Brexit, the reality is they’re plunging the UK deeper into debt – an additional £225 million per week to be exact.

“Tories, now ministers at Westminster, sold many working people on the idea there would be more money for the NHS, more money for services and more money for social justice. All of it utterly false. The Tories are destroying sources of revenue while putting a massive debt burden on the people of the UK. They, like their Labour predecessors are ballooning UK debt.

“We can’t allow the Tories vision of a hard Brexit, debt-ridden UK to succeed. We must continue to pursue single market access and do whatever it takes to stop this Tory incompetence.”

Stewart Stevenson
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