5 January 2017

Stevenson Congratulates Bruce of the Broch on Pastry Award

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP, Stewart Stevenson has tabled a motion congratulating Alistair Bruce of Bruce of the Broch, Fraserburgh, on his shops recent haul of awards, including, a diamond award from the Scottish Craft Butchers Pastry Awards for its chicken & mealie pie.

The Scottish Craft Butchers New Year’s Honours List, which revealed the awards, also awarded Bruce of the Broch with one gold award for its Scotch pies and three silver awards for their sausage rolls, steak and stilton pies, and chicken curry pies.
Bruce of the Broch was one of around 60 butchers from across Scotland who collectively submitted nearly 300 different hand crafted pies, sausage rolls and bridies which were judged across six categories in one of the industry’s most keenly contested awards.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“Congratulations to Alistair Bruce and his team at Bruce of the Broch. I’m extremely proud to have a diamond award winner in my constituency – the diamond only goes to the best of the best. Their success shows, once again, the kind of outstanding food products we make in the North-east.

“Bruce of the Broch is an exceptional Fraserburgh business and makes good use of locally-sourced meat and fresh ingredients. Not only did they win a diamond award, but managed a haul of gold and silver awards – clearly their attention to quality has paid off. I wish them continued success and look forward to sampling some of their award winning pies.”

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