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5 July 2018

SNP Start Campaign for ATM in Cullen

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson and Keith & Cullen councillor Theresa Coull have launched a campaign to try and re-instate an ATM in Cullen.

The local community, including businesses, have raised concerns that there is no cash machine available for people to access at all times. Since the closure of the Bank of Scotland and the subsequent removal of the cash machine there has not been a 24 hour ATM in Cullen.

Many businesses have reported losing business as visitors and tourists want to pay by cash but cannot access a cash machine nearby.

Both SNP politicians have written to Link and the Bank of Scotland urging them to find a solution to the problems that tourists and businesses in Cullen are facing.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“Cullen was only just recently named as one of the top holiday destinations in the UK yet tourists, and locals, are not able to access cash 24 hours a day.

“I am pleased to join with my SNP colleague, Councillor Theresa Coull, in campaigning to get an ATM re-installed in Cullen.

“This is not only important for tourist’s convenience but also to ensure that the small businesses in Cullen can thrive and flourish. Many of the businesses in Cullen rely on accepting cash and if tourists and locals cannot access cash easily then they will take their money elsewhere.

“I will continue to do all I can, working alongside the local community, to try and get a cash machine back to Cullen so that businesses in the town can prosper.”

Councillor Theresa Coull said:

“The lack of a 24 hour cash machine in Cullen is a real problem for many of the tourists, visitors and businesses.

“It was great news when Cullen was voted one of the best places to have a holiday but the unavailability of cash is a serious issue. Not everyone can or wants to pay by card and not every business can take them. Therefore, it’s important that for Cullen businesses to really benefit from tourism that cash is readily available.

“I hope that the campaign we are starting will result in an ATM being reinstated back in to Cullen so that the tourist pound can stay in Cullen.”

Stewart Stevenson
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