2 January 2019

Police Scotland Officers Reap Rewards of Largest Pay Rise in UK

Over 17,000 Officers Benefit from Pay Increase

New figures released by Police Scotland reveal that over 17,000 officers have benefitted from the SNP Government’s 6.5% pay rise since it came into force in September.

The commitment gave Police officers in Scotland their biggest single increase in pay for over 20 years.

Police Constables have gained the most from the pay rise, with over 13,000 PCs seeing an increase in pay since September 2018.

Meanwhile, the UK Tory Government offered Police officers in England and Wales a ‘derisory’ 2% pay rise – a move the Police Federation claimed showed “contempt for those who put their lives on the line for the public”.

Welcoming the figures, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“I’m delighted that over 17,000 officers have benefitted from the SNP’s 6.5% pay rise.

“The pay increase, that was the largest the Scottish police service have received for over 20 years, was in recognition of the vital work the police force does to help make communities across the country safer.

“In the face of Tory cuts to Scotland’s budget, the Scottish Government has ensured that there are more police officers today than there were a decade ago. Latest figures show that under the SNP the number of full-time equivalent police officers has increased by more than 900."

Stewart Stevenson
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