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25 September 2019

MSPs pass landmark Climate Change Bill

North-east MSPs have today voted in favour of a new Climate Change Bill that demonstrates international leadership on climate action and takes bold steps in response to robust scientific assessment.

This bill comes following the First Minister's announcement earlier this year recognising a climate emergency, along with recent climate strikes.

The landmark legislation commits Scotland to becoming a net-zero society by 2045- tougher than a net-zero target that commits only to balancing carbon dioxide emissions and the toughest statutory target of any country in the world for this date.

Both MSPs spoke in favour of the bill in the stage three debate and welcomed the adoption of the ambitious new target to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030.

Commenting, Gillian Martin MSP for Aberdeenshire East said:

“After the passing of this bill today the most important thing is to put the systems in place that will make it possible to achieve these extremely challenging targets.

“In the North-east those challenges are significant and I will be doing everything I can to ensure we have a just transition that protects the livelihoods of my constituents and creates the low carbon jobs we need for the future.

“One of the most pressing issues for my area is a vast improvement of public transport choices available. This will ensure that we can play our part in meeting the challenges ahead.”

Stewart Stevenson MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast said:

“I am delighted to see the Scottish Government is leading the way internationally by introducing the toughest statutory target of any country in the world for this date- to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030.

“However now is when the hard work begins and it is crucial that the UK Government follows the Scottish Governments example and commits to becoming a net-zero society.

“There is no doubt that there is a climate emergency and so people must act with the same urgency as any other emergency ensuring no one is left behind.”

Stewart Stevenson
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