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10 February 2020

Scotland's £1 Billion Salmon Industry Warns of Devastating Brexit Blow

The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation has said Boris Johnson’s Brexit damaging deal will place “huge unnecessary financial and bureaucratic burdens” on the UK’s biggest food export and cost the industry up to £9 million a year.

The Scottish salmon industry - estimated to be worth over £1 billion to the Scottish economy in 2018 - faces the prospect of high tariffs and lengthy border checks thanks to the Tories decision to not align with EU regulations going forward.

The SSPO has estimated the cost of this for Scottish farmed salmon will be up to £8.7 million per year depending on the amount charged by councils for each EHC and the number of EHCs required per lorry load. Brexit could also mean the processing and signing of a 100,000 of costly Environmental Health Certificates every year.

Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“This inept Tory government has failed to offer any assurances to the industry that’s worth over £1 billion every year to Scotland’s economy.

“Throughout this entire process Scotland’s voice and interests have been ignored – now the arrogance of Boris Johnson and his cronies risks costing the UK’s biggest food export millions in lost profits.

“Without an agreement for a frictionless border with the EU, we will see lorry-loads of top-quality Scottish salmon going to waste as drivers sit in enormous queues at Dover waiting on customs checks.

“It’s time for Scotland to escape this devastating path that puts jobs, businesses and industries on the line."

Stewart Stevenson
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