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12 May 2020

Vulnerable MSP Takes Part in First Hybrid Holyrood Debate

Stewart Stevenson MSP took part in the first "hybrid" debate in the Scottish Parliament today as he participated in the debate over video link while his colleagues participated in Holyrood.

With the UK in lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis, sittings of the parliament have become increasingly flexible with virtual committees and MSPs introducing a system of posing questions to the first minister over a video conference call.

Today Stewart Stevenson MSP was able to dial in from home to participate in the first hybrid debate Suppressing COVID: The next phase despite self-isolating due to being vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Mr Stevenson is "adjusting to new ways of working" along with others around the country as he falls into the shielded category, he vowed to would continue the "crucial" job of scrutinising the government.
Commenting, the Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP said:

"As we establish a new normal the parliament must also adapt and a hybrid parliament is part of the solution, giving MSPs an opportunity to ask questions remotely and take part in debates as we establish our response to COVID 19.

"I am pleased that our new technology platforms are robust enough and secure enough to allow MSPs to formally take part in chamber business and continue the crucial job of representing our constituents.

"At the moment the key business of parliament is scrutiny and so our whole focus is on COVID-19 and ensuring the best support possible for the people of Scotland."

Stewart Stevenson
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