27 November 2006

Stevenson Adopted as Banff & Buchan Candidate

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has been unanimously adopted as Scottish National Party candidate for next May’s elections to the Scottish Parliament.

At a well-attended meeting in Barclay’s Hotel, Banff on Saturday night, the local Constituency Association of the SNP confirmed Stewart would defend the Banff & Buchan seat. Members and supporters from across the constituency gathered for the event where special guest and Moray by-election victor Richard Lochhead MSP paid a glowing tribute to Stewart and his work for the constituency.

Speaking after the meeting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“It is a great honour to have been adopted once again as the SNP’s candidate for Banff & Buchan and it has been a privilege for me to represent this seat in the Scottish Parliament since 2001.

“Next year's Scottish election is now a clear two-horse race between the SNP with growing momentum, and a tired London-led Labour Party who are losing support hand over fist.

“More and more people in Scotland are saying that it's time for an SNP government, committed to success for Scotland, a growing economy and a decent society. It’s time for a change of government, and only the SNP can deliver that.”

Moray MSP Richard Lochhead added:

“Stewart is an outstanding ambassador for Banff & Buchan and is highly respected at Holyrood for his thoughtful contributions to debates on the issues that affect his constituents.

“I am delighted to be here in Banff tonight supporting Stewart’s campaign and returning some of the excellent support which Banff & Buchan gave me during the Moray by-election.”

[picture: Stewart Stevenson with Richard Lochhead MSP and Ian Gray, SNP Prospective Council Candidate for Banff & District.]

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