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1 November 2006

Stevenson Takes Part In Physio Lobby

Banff & Buchan MSP, Stewart Stevenson met with physiotherapist graduates who were lobbying parliament about the lack of jobs available for newly qualified physiotherapists. Mr Stevenson also personally met with constituents who had travelled to Edinburgh to take part in the lobby.

According to reports, half of the students who graduated in summer are unable to find a permanent job despite official reports stating that more than 28,000 people are waiting for an appointment with a physio.

Commenting on the situation, Mr Stevenson said:

“The position at present for newly qualified physiotherapists is clearly unsustainable. Physios, along with other Allied Health Professionals, provide a valuable service within the NHS.

“It is bizarre that despite the growing numbers of physio graduates, we still seeing growing waiting lists. The sensible answer would be to investigate ways in which we can use these vital skills to alleviate waiting times to enhance the NHS and provide jobs to these keen, new graduates. Many patients can then be seen by a physiotherapist rather than having to wait to see a consultant.

“Next year, when a new batch of physiotherapists graduate, the problem will be exacerbated. The Health Minister needs to address this matter immediately and create job opportunities.

“We cannot afford for these graduates, who have invested their own time and money, to lose their skills, which is what will happen if they do not find jobs soon. This would be an immense tragedy and waste of talent.”

Stewart Stevenson
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