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23 February 2007

Stevenson Speaks Out On Community Safety In Parliament

Speaking in a parliamentary debate on ‘Community Safety’ Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has stressed the importance of greater vigilance on our streets to combat antisocial behaviour. Mr. Stevenson also called for greater resources to support antisocial behaviour legislation. Speaking after the debate Mr. Stevenson said;

“I took the opportunity to highlight the importance of safety on our streets and the principle threats to that safety. Alcohol is certainly our biggest problem. Drugs are a huge criminal justice problem, but they do not pose the same kind of problem that alcohol poses on so many streets in Scotland's rural and urban areas.

“I called for a greater more visible police presence on our streets to tackle crime and hailed the merits of community wardens, a proven success in Banff and Buchan. Unlike this Lib-Lab coalition with its disgraceful record on crime, an SNP government will put local communities at the heart of our policing strategy.

“Legislation is no substitute for resources. We need more resources to back up existing antisocial behaviour legislation. The government has consistently failed to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to investing in long term initiatives to tackle crime in our communities.”

Stewart Stevenson
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