24 May 2007

UK Government Loses Carbon Capture Plant For Peterhead

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has reacted with anger after BP announced that it was not now proceeding with the plan for a carbon capture plant at Peterhead.

The change of plan is a direct consequence of the Westminster Government’s Energy White Paper which would have meant a further delay for the project and BP and its partners – who had already spent £70million on the project – decided it could not accept further delays from the UK Government.

Mr Stevenson commented:

"This is deeply disappointing news for the local economy, for BP, and also for the environment and I am extremely angry that the UK Government’s muddling and lack of vision has meant that this multi-million pound investment has now been lost from the North-east.

"Peterhead was set to benefit from the huge investment and jobs which would have resulted and also have the prestige of playing host to a world first in terms of environmentally-friendly technology. That opportunity has now been lost thanks to the dithering and indecision of the London Government.

"It is deeply disappointing news indeed."

Stewart Stevenson
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