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29 April 2008


Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson today voiced his support for the SNP Motion at Westminster calling for fair play on Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). Under an SNP amendment introduced to the Finance Bills in the House of Commons the rate of VED for working vehicles, such as those used by farmers, gamekeepers and mountain rescue volunteers, would be pegged to the lowest rate.

Commenting on the SNP amendment Mr Stevenson said:

“The Treasury’s increase in vehicle excise duty on 4x4s directly and unduly hits rural areas where workers use four-wheel-drives out of necessity. Farmers, gamekeepers, and even mountain rescue volunteers, use four-wheel drives because they are practical for rough terrain and towing, not because of how they look when they do the school run.

“This amendment is about common sense for VED on working vehicles, and fair play for workers in rural areas who are already reeling from sky high fuel prices. While there is a real issue of raising duty on four wheeled vehicles that are used in an urban setting with no real need for the high emission emitting engines we need to protect those who use these vehicles out of necessity in their daily working environment.

“Our rural communities are all too often hit the hardest by Government Policy which fails to recognise the distinct nature of the rural economy. The SNP is more than aware that we need to alter government proposals to fit with the distinct nature of the rural economy. This amendment aims to do just that with respect to vehicle excise duty on four wheel drive vehicles and will help out our rural constituents in Banff & Buchan.”

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