17 November 2010

Stevenson Applauds Peterhead Prison Staff As Inspection Report Commends Standards Of Prisoner Care

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has highlighted the praise for staff and management at Peterhead Prison contained in Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland’s report. The report criticised conditions at Peterhead, particularly in terms of hygiene, and condemned the continued practice of emptying chemical toilets in a form of slopping out.

However, the efforts of staff to maintain high standards of prisoner care were commended and amongst 16 examples of good practice found, the report highlighted that:

There is adequate access to
  • The prison is safe for both prisoners and staff
  • The provision of medical and mental health services are good
  • constructive activity during the day
Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“It is an important fact that this inspection report rightly recognises the high standard of prisoner care that staff at Peterhead Prison continue to provide. The report inevitably raises concerns about the prison facilities, but that is of course part of the reason why a replacement prison in Peterhead is to be built.

“Despite the challenge posed by the conditions at Peterhead Prison, prison staff are praised for their dedication in the report which found 16 examples of good practice. Although there is always room for further improvement, this is a positive acknowledgement of their efforts.

“It is important that entirely understandable concerns about Peterhead Prison’s conditions and hygiene are not allowed to overshadow the praise that the staff and management have rightly received. It does however confirm that the SNP Government’s decision to build a new prison in Peterhead was the right one to take.

“The new prison will dramatically improve working conditions for prison staff and bring an end to the criticism of facilities that Peterhead Prison has repeatedly faced.”
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