6 May 2011

Stewart Thanks Banffshire & Buchan Coast For Vote Of Confidence

Following his election as Member of the Scottish Parliament for Banffshire & Buchan Coast on Friday, Stewart Stevenson MSP has spoken on the campaign,

"I am delighted with the very substantial endorsement of the SNP delivered by electors in Banffshire & Buchan Coast.

"The campaign was a real debate of ideas with my Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat opponents and led to a decisive victory for the SNP. The 67.2% of electors supporting me is the highest in the new Parliament and shows the continuing faith among local folk in our ability to deliver.

"I thank each of my opponents for the constructive spirit in which they approached the election and for their contribution to the democratic process. I wish them well and hope they enjoyed campaigning."

Turning to the election of a new, majority, SNP Government, Stewart commented,

"Alex Salmond has proved himself in office during the first term of SNP Government.

"The unambiguous endorsement of the Government at this election lays the foundations for decisive action on the economy and in tackling alcohol abuse.

"We shall continue to work with other parties in Parliament to ensure that our decisions reflect the widest possible range of views.

"Lessons learned as a minority Government will continue to influence how we will conduct ourselves now that we have an overall majority."

Speaking to local electors, Stewart said,

"I thank all who voted on Thusday. This is the third consecutive election where my vote has increased. I shall work hard to build on the personal vote of confidence you have given me."

The result in Banffshire & Buchan Coast was as follows:

Stewart Stevenson SNP 16,812 67.2%
Michael Watt Con 4,592 18.4%
Alan Duffill Lab 2,642 10.6%
Galen Milne LD 958 3.8%
SNP majority 12,220 48.9%

Stewart Stevenson
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