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23 June 2011

Crown Estate Move Welcomed By Local MSP


Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the Scottish Government’s proposals to invest revenues currently accruing to the Crown Estate into a fund for future generations.

The proposals put forward by the First Minister call on the UK Government to devolve the administration and revenues of the Crown Estate in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Stevenson also highlighted that if responsibility passed to the Scottish Parliament, local people campaigning for repairs to the pier at Crovie would find it much easier to convince the authorities of the need for action.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“There has been decades of talking about devolving the Crown Estate, now is the time for the UK Government to act.

“Scotland can and should have responsibility for her own coastline, her seabed and the development of the renewable energy industry offshore. If responsibility lay with the Scottish Parliament, I’m sure we would find it much easier to convince the powers that be of the case for repairing the pier at Crovie, to give just one example.

“The benefits that will come from renewable energy investment off Scotland’s shores should come to Scotland. It is deeply concerning that the UK Government refuses to recognise that.

“The current Scotland Bill is the prime opportunity to put control of our offshore opportunities into the hands of our parliament, our government and our communities.

“Scotland has won the energy lottery for the second time. We cannot allow the benefits of our considerable renewable energy wealth to pass Scotland by again.”

Stewart Stevenson
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