6 July 2011

Minister Signs Up For Floodline Service

While visiting SEPA's Floodline control centre in Perth yesterday, Environment and Climate Change Minister Stewart Stevenson signed up his home address for the free service which will warn him of flood risks that might affect his property.

Speaking after the visit Mr Stevenson said,

Click on picture to sign up now
"More than 10,000 house-holders and businesses have already signed up for Floodline alerts which save people and property in the event of flooding in their area.

"With climate change adding further risk of extreme weather events in Scotland, this service is something everyone should consider signing up for. Although I live in a comparatively low risk area, I can see the benefits of an early warning of possible flood impacts nearby. Roads may be blocked and neighbours could be at risk. My knowing this could be a real life saver.

"I encourage everyone to visit the Floodline web site and sign up today. It's free but valuable beyond price."

Mr Stevenson was also briefed on how Floodline works and said,

"The tight integration of SEPA expertise and Met Office research has helped the development of new modelling that makes Scotland safer. I was impressed by the engagement of all who are involved and very impressed by their commitment."

Note: You can sign up for Floodline online at or phone 0845 988 1188

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