14 July 2011

Stevenson Comments On Fuel Poverty Report

Responding to a Citizens Advice Scotland report into fuel poverty which showed that despite being an energy rich nation Scotland continues to face a higher level of fuel poverty than the rest of the UK, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“The SNP in Government has put significant resources into tackling fuel poverty, providing insulation, new boilers, energy health checks and working with energy companies to improve standards however as prices continue to rise we need to find new ways to address the problem.

“With different temperatures and with Scotland staying colder for longer the SNP has long argued for winter fuel payments to properly reflect the higher costs of pensioners in Scotland. No one in an energy rich country should have to choose between food and fuel.

“And we must see some of the revenue from that increase in prices put directly toward meeting the challenge of fuel poverty. The UK Treasury will take an estimated £100 million more from Scottish households as a result of recent prices. That money could go a long way toward tackling fuel poverty across Scotland.”

Stewart Stevenson
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