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18 November 2011

Impressive Growth For Salmon

National statistics published today show that production of Scottish Farmed Salmon increased by 6.9 per cent in 2010, to the highest level in six years.

At 154,164 tonnes, Scottish salmon production in 2010 was worth £539.6 million - over 30 per cent up on value of salmon produced in 2009, reflecting increases in both prices and production.

Commenting on the Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2010, Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson said:

"Scotland is a global player in farmed salmon - the largest in the EU and third in the world alongside Norway and Chile. I'm pleased that the industry has been able to achieve steady growth in farmed salmon production once again this year, demonstrating that demand for quality Scottish Farmed Salmon remains very high.

"Today's impressive figures show that salmon farming continues to dominate fish production in Scotland, which is unsurprising given that new international markets are opening up, with more people than ever before choosing to include healthy, Omega-3 rich salmon in their diet.

"The survey shows direct employment in the fish farming industry has increased by over 100 to some 1,500 people. With many more indirect jobs supported, this provides an importance contribution to the Scottish economy, particularly in rural communities in the West Highlands, Western and Northern Isles.

"The Scottish Government is confident that in the coming years we can continue to see managed and sustainable growth in the sector, while ensuring high environmental and fish health standards."

Farmed salmon is Scotland's single largest food export. The top five export markets for Scottish salmon are USA, France, Poland, Ireland and China.

The value of farmed salmon produced in 2010 is 30 per cent higher than 2009, when 144,000 tonnes were produced, worth £412 million.

Figures for 2010 show that Scotland's total rod catch for wild salmon was the highest on record, with 110,496 salmon caught, up 31 per cent on the previous five year average.

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