9 November 2011

Stevenson Condemns "Same Old Tories" Wanting To Tax The Sick

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has condemned comments from new Scottish Tory Leader, Ruth Davidson that she would welcome a return to taxes on the sick.

Ruth Davidson's honeymoon period as leader of the Tories in Scotland came to an abrupt end live on TV when she was asked about her Tory policy of reintroducing prescription charges in Scotland.

After efforts to evade the question Ms Davidson conceded that the Tories would bring back the tax on the sick which the SNP Government has abolished.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said

"The SNP abolished prescription charges to help family budgets and stop penalising people who suffer from ill-health.

"The Tories say we shouldn't do this. They want to make the sick and the medium-low income families cough-up to get well.

"Ruth Davidson should try and explain that to the 600,000 Scots on incomes of only £16,000 who would be forced to pay for their medicine.

"The Tories might have a new face at the front their party but the people of the North-east know better than to fall for their old tricks."

Stewart Stevenson
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