24 February 2012

Stevenson Comments On Black Fish Trial

Commenting on the sentencing today of those involved in the black fish landings, Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“The fishing industry in Scotland has built up a reputation for following the rules over the years that has allowed the Scottish Government to secure agreement in Europe for us to try innovative new practices such as the Catch Quota Scheme. This reputation has come at a huge cost and after extreme sacrifices from the fishing industry and the communities that support it, as people in Banffshire & Buchan Coast know only too well.

“It is disappointing that a small number of people chose to put the reputation and livelihoods of the rest of the industry at risk. However, as they have been caught and punished for breaking the law I hope that we can now put this behind us without the good reputation of the rest of the fishing industry in Scotland being tarnished in any way by these events.”

Stewart Stevenson
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